(509) 619-8546

1177 Jadwin Ave. Ste. 103
P.O. Box 2131
Richland, WA 99352


The Facility

The Facility – The Performing Arts Center will feature an

  • 800-seat theatre with outstanding acoustics, technical support, and comfortable seats

  • Large lobby that can used for events

  • Art gallery and educational space

  • Catering set-up kitchen and beverage service

  • Plenty of restrooms.

Programs and Events

While the Performing Arts Center will have the capability to host the more than 40 local performing arts groups and numerous visual artists, it will also host mid-size professional touring groups. At the Performing Arts Center you can expect to participate in or see:

  • Music – symphonic, choral, chamber, solo

  • Dance – traditional, ballet, and contemporary

  • Lyric Theatre – musicals, operas, operettas

  • Plays – touring groups, regional performances

  • Popular, variety entertainment, and comedy shows

  • Festivals, pageants, competitions, graduations, recitals, and receptions

  • Lobby and stage exhibits

  • Speakers and conferences

  • Gallery openings

  • Educational workshops and seminars.

The Funding

The Arts Center is being funded through private donations and grants. Donations can be made on a one-time basis or through multi-year pledges. Donations of time, expertise, and materials for the development and construction of the Arts Center also are welcomed and acknowledged.


The Task Force can also accept gifts of various kinds of property, including cash, securities, life insurance, interest in or gifts from trusts. These types of donations will be arranged through our legal representatives. All donations are tax deductible.