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1177 Jadwin Ave. Ste. 103
P.O. Box 2131
Richland, WA 99352

We should love to share the details of our progress with you. Please contact us at artscentertaskfoce@gmail.com or 509-619-8546 if you'd like to learn more about our progress to bring a regional arts center to the Tri- Cities. 

What have we accomplished?

Conceptual Design 

One of our key stakeholders is LMN Architects who have assisted us in a predesign study, which can be viewed here.  

Funding Mechanisms

​We have identified public and private mechanisms for collecting the funding necessary to build. We can expect to raise about $15 million from individual donors and corporate sponsors, $5 million from grants, and $20 million from a public tax through a public facility district, a cultural access program, and lodging facilities. 

Plans & Documents

​Since 2011 we have compiled nearly all the plans necessary to complete this project including a business plan demonstrating sustainability, a marketing and fundraising plan, and a conceptual design. 

The dotted line in the timeline indicates our current position in the planning efforts.