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The COVID pandemic has had a profound impact on many community groups, especially those supporting the performing arts. They were among the first groups to be shut down and among the last to reopen. This is especially true in the Tri-Cities, where the lack of a performing arts center has made it difficult for many community arts groups to survive the pandemic. Lack of a dedicated facilities has also greatly slowed their recovery.


Arts Center Task Force (ACTF) has been building the critical infrastructure needed by our local arts groups. We have also started a new campaign, “Restart the Arts”, to recruit the volunteers needed to rebuild the arts and the cultural organizations that support them. These include:

  • Mid-Columbia Symphony

  • Mid-Columbia Ballet

  • Mid-Columbia Mastersingers

  • Arts Foundation of the Mid-Columbia

  • The REACH Foundation

  • Mid-Columbia Musical Theatre

  • and many more!


We urgently need passionate people with a wide range of skillsets who are looking to make an impact on their community to serve on boards, committees, and on short-term projects and provide the leadership to support and rebuild these important organizations.


The cultural vitality of the Tri-Cities requires a vibrant set of community arts and science organizations. Please help our community groups recover from our collective COVID hangover.

Ready to Get Involved?

Fill out the application by clicking the button below and we'll contact you with volunteer opportunities based on your skills and interests!

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