The ACTF COVID-19 Artist Relief Fund

The Arts Center Task Force created the ACTF COVID-19 Artist Relief Fund to provide short-term relief in the form of unrestricted grants to Tri-Cities, Washington artists and organizations who have lost income related to the COVID-19 crisis. Our necessary efforts to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic by "Sheltering in Place" had catastrophic effects on artists, arts and culture organizations in our community.  


It was our responsibility to preserve our cultural resources. 100% of all donations submitted through this fund went to support local artists and arts groups. This fund drive has closed and we are thankful for all the donations received.

If you want to give to support the mission and operation of ACTF, please visit our donation page. 

Donors to the Relief Fund

Through the generous support of 22 donors and their families the ACTF COVID – 19 Artist Relief Fund raised $3,806.  Their donations provided ten artists throughout the Tri-Cities assistance during these challenging times. The donors include:

  • Renée Adams

  • Lisa Campbell

  • Davin and Heather Diaz

  • Tessa Hamilton

  • Sofia Hergenrader

  • Molly Holleran and Justin Raffa

  • Sharon Grant and Steve Ghan

  • Kurt Gustafson

  • Miriam Kerzner and Robert Chisholm

  • Tanya Knickerbocker

  • Emily and Craig Maloney

  • Steve and Tami Matsumoto

  • Evan and Kathy Mehlenbacher

  • Harry and Terri Miley

  • Marie Noorani

  • Greg Schenter

  • Kathy Simpson

  • Marsha Stipe

  • Reginald Unterseher and Sheila Dunlop

  • Kaitlin Walters

  • Staci West

  • Julie and Steve Wiley

The Arts Center Task Force Board of Directors and their partners thank you for your donations.

ACTF COVID- 19 Relief Fund Recipients 

Afrose Fatima Ahmed

Afrose Fatima Ahmed is a poet who offers various poetic services, normally in person. In particular, she has worked for five years as a "bespoke poet" writing poems on demand based on her customers' subjects, live, on an antique typewriter, accepting any amount of donation in return. She also offers poetic oracle readings that use her own poetry as a way to illuminate questions, reach clarity, and provide guidance to individuals. Beyond this, she has written and published much work, and also offers creative writing workshops and 1:1 coaching. To visit Afrose's website click here