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Making Dreams A Reality

The Tri-Cities and Mid-Columbia region have grown to 260,000 people, the fourth-largest metropolitan area in Washington State, yet unlike other urban areas in the state, we have no dedicated performing arts center.  


Benefits of the Arts Center

  • Enhancing the quality of life for the Mid-Columbia and helping to make it a great place to live

  • Providing exceptional experiences for our children and grandchildren

  • Enhancing economic development and providing new opportunities for local businesses while attracting upscale employees to the area

  • Attracting more visitors by providing more entertainment opportunities

  • Ensuring that our resident performing arts companies have a home

  • Building a community of performing and visual artists by providing new learning experiences in an outstanding venue

  • Connecting people of all ages and cultures through the magic of live performances



The Mid-Columbia region needs a performing and visual arts center that can accommodate both visiting and local artists.


The Arts Center will provide a facility capable of hosting symphonies, Broadway shows, plays, and ballets, as well as more intimate performances such as recitals and experimental theater. The facility can be rented for receptions, corporate meetings, guest speakers, graduations, conferences, fundraisers, and public forums.  It will also provide opportunities for hosting festivals and bringing world-class artists to our region, making the Tri-Cities a prime destination for the arts. The Arts Center will enhance our quality of life by providing new entertainment options as well as fostering new and existing community arts groups.

The lack of suitable performance space puts our regional arts programs at risk. The Arts Center will be the anchor facility for expanding the educational, cultural and economic growth of the Tri-Cities and be a destination that will draw new visitors to the region.


Our region has seen a sharp increase in tourism dollars as a result of compelling new activities available to visitors.

  • Wine tourism is bringing a significant number of visitors to the area.

  • Visitors to the Tri-Cities spend roughly $350 million annually.

  • Arts and culture tourists spend more and stay longer than other travelers.

  • More than 160 wineries within a 60-mile radius create the need for more entertainment venues.

  • Overnight guests stimulate economic growth by shopping in our stores and dining in our restaurants.


The Arts Center is designed with the technical capabilities to accommodate:

  • Music – symphonic, choral, chamber, solo

  • Dance – traditional, ballet and contemporary

  • Lyric Theatre – musicals, operas, operettas

  • Plays – touring groups, regional performances

  • Popular, variety entertainment and comedy shows

  • Multimedia

  • Film festivals and receptions

  • Lobby and stage exhibits

  • Speakers and conferences

  • Graduations