Building an arts center requires courage and vision. We are grateful for our donors that make that vision possible.

Anne Adams

Jeff B. Adams

Renée Adams

Karis and Mike Alderson

Mary and Rudy Allemann

Alice Allison

Suzanne Allison

Patricia Ammonet

Kathy Andrews-Smith

Erin Archerd

Tana Bader-Inglima

Elaine and Nate Ballou

Marie Bandstra

Jeff Brown and Eva Baroni

Linda and James Bauer

Phyllis Baxter

Roger and Joyce Bean

Cheryl Bernier

Mary Alice Binder

Rachael Black

Helen Bonham and Elmer Petersen

Lucinda Borneman

Dana Bowlin

Boyce Burdick and Margo McGowan

Allen Brecke

JB Productions C/O Jo Brodzinski

Benita Brown

Brandon and Tasha Bunnage

Bill and Julie Cannon

Betty Carl

Elizabeth and George Carter

Paul Certa

Michele Chamness

Sherry Clark

Suzanne Clarke

Patricia Cleavenger

Linda Collier

William Colvin

Marty Conger

Michael Cunningham

Mary Dann

David L. and Kavita Patel-Stenoien

Jane A. Davis

John Deichman

Jerome and Josie Delvin

Olinda Diebel

Cynthia Dillman

Chris and Nancy Doran

Charles and Ann Eaton

Connie Eckart

Thomas Edwards and Kristie McKune

Robert Emmingham

Cynthia Ewer

Cynthia Ewer

Stephen N Ewer M.D.

Diane Faulk

Robert and Katie Ferguson

Ellen Fillion

Steve and Lorna Foelber

Craig and Trish Forman

Colleen French

Carrie Fukuyama

Michael Galgoul and Lee Prince

Thomas and Jonita George

Roy and Sheila Gephart

Dawn Gerhard

Sandra Gianotas

Monte and Tracy Giles

Bruce Gillespie

Alex and Marina Giurgiuman

Gordon Glenn

Steve and Diane Goheen

Annette Gordon

Sharon Grant & Steve Ghan

Theresa Grate

Jan Griffin

Jeremiah Griffith

Hazel Hanson

Lynne Harrison

Donald and Susan Havre

Ann and Ed Hayden

Kay Hayes

Marilyn Heasley

Paul and Kay Hendrickson

Sharon Hickman

AJ and Tracy Hill

Dorothy and E. Richard Hill

Rolland and Dianne Hofstedt

Craig Howell

Ronald and Joan Hue

Norman and Karen Hyatt

Candice Jones

Carissa Jones

Kristina Junge

Ronald and Susan Kathren

Paula Kenney

Edwina Kenoyer

Dinah Kerzner

Miriam Kerzner and Robert Chisholm

Jeffery Kissel

Robert Kissel

Arthur Kohler Jr.

Charles and Jo Anne Krause

Nancy and Paul Krupin

Kelli Kruse

Bonnie Kulas

Cheryl Kulas

Catherine LaMarca

William Lampson and Kathy Balcom

Kathryn Lang

David and Carol Larkin

Stacy Larsen

Matt and Carolyn Leggett

Lee Legowik

Mitchell Lewis

Charles and Jo Lindenmeier

Lloyd and Mildred Kellogg

Charles and Julie Lowery

Jeanette Lujan

Lynn and Laurel Adams

Alvin Machiela

Bruce Makenas

Allen Marchetti

Jeff and Meng Markillie

William and Esparanza Martin

John Masulonis

Rachel McCall

Talitha McCall

Joyce McClanahan

John and Julie McDonald

Barbara L McIntyre

Shirley McMorrow

Jeannine McShane

Evan and Kathy Mehlenbacher

Jeanette and Greg Mendell

Skyler Mendell

Bruce and Becky Miller

Ted and Tina Miller

Thomas C. Moak

Matthew Monroe

Marion and Leslie Morlan

Kathleen Morris

Christopher Murray and Carla Chiotti

Ann Nash

Anne Nolan

Phil and Diane Ohl

Phillip Olson

Jennifer Ovink

Jim and Sherry Paglieri

Robert and Ann Parazin

Shirley Pattan

Mary Lynne Peters

Dustin Petersen

Bob Popielarczyk

Lura Powell and Arthur King

Sue Pritchett

Raymond and Barbara Puigh

Lucy F. Rademacher

Molly Holleran and Justin Raffa

Ray and Marcia Hoffman

Paul Reeder

Richard Reuther

Ed and Pat Revell

Megan Rich

Lisa Richmond

JoAnne Rieger

Arlene Ritenour

Patti Robertson

Ray and Marilyn Robinson

Scott Rodgers

Joel and Debra Rogo

Evan and Joan Rosenberg

Julie Ross

Kimberly Rust

Jane and Bruce Schmoetzer

Michael and Patricia Scott

Cyndy Sharer

Cynthia Sharer

H Kirby Skavdahl

Cathryn Smith

Peter Smith

Rebecca Smith

Daniel Spencer

Sandra Stanley

Bob and Karen Stelmack

Heidi Stenner

Sheila Sullivan

Harriet Sutherland

Dennis and Judy Sweeney

Allan Tedeschi

Edward and Liz Temple

Muriel Templeton

Mary Thomas

Gerald and Judith Titus

Paul Tompkins

Phil and Mila Townsend

Tsukuda Toyoko

Kris Troyer

David and Julianne Turner

Karen Turner

Reginald Unterseher and Sheila Dunlop

Ron and Linda Utter

James Utz

Betsy (Betsy) Vance

Artis Vaughan

Ginger Vetrano

John and Wendy Veysey

Mary Beth Walker

Richard and Chris Walling

Dennis and Wanda Walters

Robert and Libby Watrous

Kathleen Weiner

Eliabeth Weiss

Rich and Evelyn Weiss

Nancy Welliver

Al and Jan Wells

Michele Wells

Gary White

Jerry and Amy White

Julie and Steve Wiley

Eleanor Ginger Wireman

Ginger Wireman

Steve Witt

Chuck and Mark Wojnowski

Jack Wojnowski